My Fitness At HomeFitness At Home
Certified Personal Training

Don’t like gyms? Physically Challenged?
Let me bring the workout to you!
Here are just some of the advantages of working out with Fitness At Home:

Click for TestimoniesAffordability – As an incentive for family members to participate in an exercise program, there is no additional charge for additional family members working out during the same session.

Convenience – If you are pressed for time or don’t like crowds at gyms, I tailor the workouts to your schedule.

Privacy – Working out in your own home, you don’t have to be concerned with dress, or whether you are being observed by onlookers.

Results – With my hands on guidance and support, you are assured of reaching your goals.

Accountability – Making an agreement to exercise at a prescribed time and day provides instant accountability. When you know I will be knocking on your door, you can’t hide! (Well you could try, but I will find you).

Confidence – I make certain that your training is always safe and effective, taking the guess work out of following an exercise plan.

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